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Pony Pictures

This is us at Bridle Oak's in '97. It was the first show that we did on our own, without a trainer, and you can see by the ribbons on my bridle that I did quite well (even though the ribbons blowing in my eyes were annoying).

This is me, Morgan and her dad at Traders Point in '97. I was cranky and hot (the only drinks they provide are for people and I can't figure out how to drink out of a cup), so that's why I'm not looking at the camera.

This is me grazing in the isleway at Traders. I think it makes my head look big.

More of me at Traders. It's not the greatest picture of either of us. I'm running away (grass fields always give me the inkling to run) and Morgan is jumping way ahead. Uck.

This is me and Morgan in Ocala last winter. I'm clipped, so that's why I'm a funny color.

A much better picture of us jumping. This one was in Windy City this summer in an Eq. class. We won it, too!