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Places I've Gone, People I've Seen, Things I've Eaten

Hold on, you're about to enter the mind of a pony - and that's a very goofy place.


Welcom to the Y2K version of my web page. This year's web page is gonna be a kind of collaboration (whew! big word!) between my old mommy, Morgan, and my new mommy, Rebecca. Rebecca's gonna tell Morgan what I'm up to and Morgan's gonna put it on my page for me. It's been a long time since this has gotten updated, but Morgan was in a place called Europe for a month and couldn't get to her computer. When she was in a town called Budapest, she saw a sportingoods store called "WINK"!! The slogan of the store was "Win With It," which I think is kinda appropriate :) Rebecca's going to send Morgan some pictures of the two of us so I can get new pictures on my page too.

This year, instead of being a Christmas present, I got some of my own. I got a jolly ball 'cause they're hoping I'll play with it instead of destroying things. I also got candy canes, which are yummy yummy yummy. They're like peppermints, except more fun! I'm not allowed to go out with Porky and Oliver any more 'cause I keep eating their blankets (I wonder how many times I'm gonna have to tell you humans that blankets are just plain pony torture - we're not ment to wear clothes!!). Now I have to go out with Stetson, Moon, Peter and Shorty.

I've been tryin' to behave myself for Rebecca, but it's cold out and sometimes I forget to be good. It's hard to remember that she's new to me and that I'm not suposed to play games with her. But sometimes it's just fun to try and go as fast as I can (repeat to myself over and over: "I am not a race pony, I am not a race pony).


Rebecca's mom sent Morgan a picture of us this morning. It's really cute, if I do say so myself. At least it turned out good, 'cause posing for pictures is no fun. All I wanted to do was go back to the barn, but noooooo, I had to stand there and look adorable (the standing was hard, but the adorable part was a piece of cake!). Plus, they put me right infront of a tree and it's hard not to eat a tree when it's right infront of my nose. Trees are pretty tasty - I learned that from Carrie VanTassel's horse Big Mac when we went trail riding in Florida. The last time I had to have a bunch of pictures taken was a long time ago - three barns ago, even. Morgan's mommy had a guy come out and take our picture (but she was riding me so I couldn't get distracted by trees) so he could paint our portrait. The pictures weren't as cool as my latest ones (at least I'm not as pudgy now and my mane isn't all sticky-upy anymore) but the painting came out neat. The guy that painted it had something called cancer (same thing that my friend Crystal had)and my portrait was the last one he finished, which makes it doubly special. Rebecca's mommy says that photo sessions must be a second form of pony torture, and I think she's right!! At least I didn't have to pose wearing my blanket - that would have been horrible!!!

Me 'n my mommy, Rebecca

Aren't I handsome? (and my mommy's pretty cute too)

2/8/00 Wow, I'm being really good about updating my page this month! Since my mommy's mom keeps telling Morgan about how I'm doin', I can write more often than I could last year.

GUESS WHAT??? Me 'n Rebecca went to a horse show at Sweet Charity (I like it there 'cause it's warmish there, plus it reminds me of when I used to live next door to there and Cheryl, Classy, Morgan and I used to trail ride through the fields to go to shows) and GUESS HOW WE DID???!!! I was sooo good and Rebecca rode me sooo well that we got THREE firsts and a third in the Beginner Rider division AND a first, a second, and a third in the Mini Hunter division, which meant that we got TWO CHAMPIONS!!! How cool are we?? Of course, I wasn't totaly perfect, but it's hard to be perfect all the time. In one of the Mini Hunter classes, I decided to remind Rebecca that she was on the wrong lead (since it's my job to teach her these things) by bucking as big as I could (it got her attention all right!), but I guess the judge just loved us lots 'cause he gave us 1st place anyway. I like to see if the judge is paying attention sometimes and see just how much he loves me. Once, when Morgan and Cheryl took me and Classy to a show at Sweet Charity by ourselves, I was being so good and winning everything. Then, in the last class, I decided it would be fun to see if the judge was watching so I tried to stop infront of the 2nd to last jump. Morgan kicked me so hard that I jumped it anyway, from almost a stand still and continued on my way (Classy stopped in the class before me and I thought it looked like a good idea) - we wound up winning the class anyway! Okay, back to last weekend. Durring Pleasure Pony, I really had to go to the bathroom (BADLY!). I tried to hold it, but decided that I just HAD to go, right when we were supposed to canter. Since I'm pretty sure that spotted ponies are physicaly incapable of going to the bathroom and moving at the same time, I stopped and did my business. I felt much more pleasureful after that, but the judge didn't agree with me so we didn't get a ribbon. Oh well. I got lots of Skittles anyway, 'cause I was such a super pony. I kinda felt guilty for being a booger when we were schooling Friday night, so I tried to redeam myself. Friday night, I figure that I didn't really need practice, so I kept running out of the ring! Patty had to get on me and remind me that ponies belong IN the show ring, not out of it. Oops. But that's okay, my mommy loves me anyway, even when I'm silly :)

4/27/00 It's been another long time since I've gotten Morgan to update my page for me, huh? She's been busy, plus Tripod hadn't been letting her load the edit page so she couldn't update stuff until now.

Morgan got to come out and see me durring her spring break a few weeks ago. She got to ride me and watch my mommy ride me and she got to ride by brother, Rowdy (he's Rebecca's mommy's horse) too. I had fun seein' her again and she brought me a banana which was fun too.

Me 'n Rebecca have been doing AWESOME in shows lately!!! At the beginning of March, we went to Sweet Charity and Rebecca was Champion in Beginner riders and I got 2nd in Pleasure pony this time (I remembered to go to the bathroom before the class so I wouldn't have to stop in the middle like I did last time). Liza did the pony medal on me and she WON it! Yea Liza! Then, a few weeks later me and Rebecca went to Coventry and we got TWO Champions, in both Beginner Rider and Short Stirrup hunter, AND I won Pleasure pony and was 2nd in a big Mini Hunter class too!

We went back to Sweet Charity a few weeks ago and did really good, but not quite as good as we've been doin'. We got 2nds and 4ths, which is still good for us 'cause we're still figuring eachother out. Besides, it's really not nice to win all the time - it makes the other ponies jealous. And I don't need blue ribbons to know how special I am (all I need are treats and hugs and treats). But that's okay that we didn't win everything at Sweet Charity 'cause we're doing really really well in the IHJA standings and the Coventry Farms standings too. For IHJA, we're FIRST for Beginner Rider and THIRD for Pleasure Pony (two years ago I was 5th so I must be more pleasureful now). For the CFS points, we're 6th in Beginner Rider, 4th in Pleasure Pony and 1st in Short Stirrup Hunter! Yea for us!

I might get to go to the Kentucky Horse Park for a show this spring! I've never been there before 'cause Richard and Stef would never let Morgan take me there. It's supposed to be lots of fun and there are lots of trails that I can run really fast on! There are supposed to be all sorts of horses and ponies of all sorts of breeds there - maybe they'll let me watch the parade of breeds to figure out what breed I am (or maybe I can BE in the parade of breeds 'cause I'm one of a kind!)

8/31/00 Well guess what?? I finaly got Morgan to update my page for me. I've been havin' Rebeccca's mommy tell her what I've been up to all summer, but she was all sorts of busy with her summer job so she couldn't update it until now. Morgan was down in Ocala (my favorite Florida place - I'm mad that she didn't bring me back fruit, 'cause they have really yummy fruit) riding ponies at a place called Glenmore. She said that they had a pony down there named Wink too (his real name is In-A-Wink, though, not Thumbs Up, which is funny 'cause that's what Stef Furgason wanted Morgan to name me when she was thinkin' up my show name), but that I'm way cuter than he is. Of course, I think I'm way cuter than most ponies, and everyone usualy agrees with me too.

Rebecca and I had a great summer showing. We were wonderful (as always) and got lots of ribbons. We were Champion Beginner Rider at Coventry in June, and for the Coventry Farms Series, we were FIRST in Beginner Rider AND Short Stirrup Hunter !!! Go Us!! Those were for the entire year of shows at Coventry! We went to Traders Point this summer, and I was actualy a good boy! I really like it there 'cause there are lots of open fields that I can run around like a wild pony. But this year, I remembered that there is a time and a place for everything, and the show ring is not the time nor the place to pretend that I'm wining the Kentucky Derby. We got ribbons in 9 out of the 10 classes we were in. The one we didn't get a ribbon in was my fault 'cause I forgot to go to the bathroom before I went into the ring and kinda had to go in the middle of the class. And since we all know that spotted ponies can't go to the bathroom and move at the same time, I had to stop. I should have remembered to go beforehand 'cause Traders has these nifty airconditioned porta-potties, but it's kind of hard for me to walk up the stairs to get into them - it's much easier to use the ring :) I wasn't completely perfect at Traders, though. I kinda acidentally squished Patty's foot while we were waiting outside the ring. I didn't mean to, her foot just kinda got in the way - I felt bad about it, but it's really not my fault that ponies weigh more than people do and that people's feet squish easily.

After Traders Point, me 'n Rebecca went to TWO shows in ONE weekend - that's a whole lot of showing! But for us it was also a whole lot of ribbons too 'cause we were CHAMPION at BOTH shows in Beginner Rider! Cathy, one of my old trainers, was one of the judges and she likes me a whole lot so she gave us lots of ribbons. It's cool when the judges like you 'cause you get to take home lots of ribbons (sometimes you even get ribbons for being not so good, just 'cause you're cute and the judge likes 'ya).

I had a really busy summer, but horse shows are fun. This 2' stuff is gettin' kind of easy, though. I used to do the 2'6" classes with Morgan and I got to be a real pro at it. Next year, me n' Rebecca are going to start doing the 2'6" classes, which is gonna be lots of fun. I've gotta remember how to be a super star pony over those fences again so I can teach Rebecca how to be a super star rider. I taught her how to be a champion over 2', so I think I can teach her how to be one over 2'6". Just think, if we get real good at 2'6" next year, maybe WE can be in the Olympics in 2004 -- well, maybe not, but a pony can dream, can't he? I'm real excited for the Olympics this year 'cause Laura Kraut is in it and I walked up the hill with her at Traders Point a few years ago and she said I was really cute...think she could get me a ticket to watch Show Jumping in Australia? I could get my own kangaroo! How cool would that be? They like to jump, so we could take it to shows and everything - do kangaroos like bananas?