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My name is Thumbs Up, but you can call me Wink. My old mommy, Morgan, is helping me make my very own homepage. I think that's nice that she let me have my own page before she has hers. I guess I'm a pretty special little guy. I'm not sure what a pony's supposed to put on his very own page, so I guess I'll tell you about myself

What my name is: Thumbs Up, also known as Wink [and at one point in time or another known as Audacious Playboy, Tiddily Wink and Work of Art].

What my other nick names are: Tiddildy Wink, Twink, Dinky, T.W., Spaz (that's what Richard used to call me when I was bad), Buster, Pony (but Morgan had to stop calling me that 'cause it confused Tony) and Houdini-pony.

What I look like: I'm a bay overo paint, with one hind sock and a big ol' blaze.

How tall I am: I'm exactly 14.0 1/4 hands tall - I even have an official looking card that says so.

How old I am: I'm 10 years old. I turn 10 on May 25th.

Where I live: Colonial Equestrian in Zionsville, Indiana.

Who my mommy is: Rebecca Carpenter. Rebecca got me from Heather Zuber, got me from my old mommy, Morgan Phillips (who is the one responsible for this page). Morgan got me from a girl named Annie, who I still get to see at shows (Now she has all sorts of ponies - she and her medium, Starry, won the Medium Pony Eq class at Devon this summer and are Zone 5 Champions for Mediums too -- I'm very proud of my old kid!!). Annie's mom found me at the state fair where I was a 4H pony.

Who my trainer is: My trainer is Patty Kent.

What I show in: Right now, Rebecca 'n I do the Beginner Riders and Short Stirrup classes while I teach her how to show. We're gonna chase points for 2000 (I haven't chased points in forever). I do the 2'6" stuff with other girls from Colonial, sometimes Liza and sometimes Jaime, so I don't forget how.

Who my friends are: My bestest friend is Classy
who was owned by my Morgan's best barn friend, Cheryl, but he is living in Chicago right now. At Patty's, I get to go out and play with Oliver, Grady, and Porky. Patty had to stop turning us out in halters 'cause I kept trying to pull Oliver around the pasture by his.

Which mare-ponies I like: I don't have a girlfriend yet (I'm only 9 so mom says I'm too young to date) but I have pony crushes on 3 purdy mare-ponies. I like Audrie's pony Tye Dye (Trudy), Grace's bay pony My Fair Lady (Maggie), and a cute chestnut roan pony I met at Trader's Point in '98 named First Star.

What my favorite treats are: Bananas, grapes, apples, Skittles (only Original Fruit), jelly beans, oranges, cantalope and strawberries. I like to eat just about everything but bread products, which I will spit back at you if you try to feed me them.


This one is of me and mom in Windy City this summer. Don't I look spiffy?!!? (p.s. we won this class)

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